About company

ЦИТ-Нано / CIT-Nano

Our name is “Center of Innovation Technologies-Nano” — united team of scientists and engineers, who translate advanced ideas, “know-how” and inventions in the area of creation biomedical and nanodevices into reality. In January 2009 the company was created as a part of big scientific-industrial Group of Companies “Center of Innovation Technologies”. Our company faces ambitious goals of developing, releasing, selling and serving devices, which are used to promote health of people and to extend their lifetime.

Geography of our interests doesn’t limited by Russia borders, because many of great European and Asian corporations have interest in our business and researches. This is due to the fact that our partners released consumer benefits of developments made by “CIT-Nano” specialists — uniqueness, innovation and application solutions, which provide higher and more accurate results many times cheaper than existing ones.

At the moment the company has a number of promising and interesting themes for Research, Researching and Development from potential customer’s point of view. We are open for cooperation with all interested organizations and foundations. Cooperation should be mutually beneficial and successful experience with the Foundation for the Advancement of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology proves it. And most importantly, we are ready to supply our created devices for those interested in the development and progress.