Optical tweezers

ЦИТ-Нано / CIT-Nano / Researches

Optical tweezers are designed for catching, fixing and moving micro- and nanoscale particles in liquids. The device is base on light wave pressure principle. Particles are catched by IR-beam

Field of application:

  • Biological laboratories:
    • catching and fixing of DNA-molecules for operations with genes in laboratory;
    • decrypting of nucleotide sequence of nucleotide acids (sequence);
    • impact control of medical drugs on single cells and tissues;
    • manipulation of eggs and sperm during in vitro fertilization;
    • study of stem cells;
    • nanosurgery of living cells.
  • Chemical industry:
    • spectroscopy of single organic molecules;
    • control of micro capsule medication;
    • control photo-induced chemical reactions.
  • Micro- and Nano- industry:
    • micro-mechanical gears creation;
    • nano-markers applying.

Optical tweezers laser system provides ultimate ability to create entirely new product, due to its ability to conduct operations on the nano-objects.